Son of Maria Shukshina accused of beating pregnant girlfriend and possession of a controlled substance

Сына Марии Шукшиной обвинили в избиении беременной подруги и хранении запрещенных веществ The heir of the actress was in the midst of the scandal. The bride of Makar Kasatkin wrote a statement to the police, noting that the chosen one has repeatedly raised her hand. Maria Shukshin has not commented on the incident.

Maria Shukshina often puts in Instagram pictures together with his son Makar. Fans admired how 19-year-old young man like a stellar mother. That is why the news of his criminal proclivities shocked the fans of the actress.

Pregnant bride on the eve of Makar Kasatkina accused him of assault. She stated that the young man was engaged in selling illegal substances.

“Mom, he bought an apartment provides. He doesn’t need to work or to study. Why, if everything is there? So he started selling banned substances,” – said the beloved Makar.

Now she is in fourth month of pregnancy. She emphasizes that Kasatkin snatched on it with fists without any reason. The lovers went to the police, where he wrote statements to each other.

After allegations of the bride Kasatkina law enforcement officers decided to conduct a search in the apartment of the star of heir. However, its results have not yet been reported.

Later, the media was able to contact the neighbors Makar, who confirmed that the young man often quarreled with the beloved.

“He somehow came down to me, talking about drugs. Supposedly he planted them, the people living on the floor above. However, the apartment for several weeks empty. Then he started to blame his girlfriend, Freya, she’s all happy because of her pregnancy. Supposedly she told him of a prohibited substance planted”, – said the neighbor Kasatkina.

It is unknown how true are the allegations against the heir to the star family. Shukshina Mary herself has not commented on the scandalous news associated with her son’s name. The last few weeks the actress was filming in London, where actively shared photos.

Speaking to representatives of TV channel “REN TV” neighbor Makar Kasatkin stressed that the young man was always polite to her. He is respectful of others, has made a positive impression, so a scandal involving illicit drugs and massacre, shocked the woman.