Son of Ksenia Sobchak growing gentleman

Сын Ксении Собчак растет джентльменом Eight-month-old baby presented a bunch of sister. Today, the daughter of Maxim Vitorgan celebrating a birthday. Ksenia Sobchak has captured the image, which Plato gives small flowers.
Сын Ксении Собчак растет джентльменом

Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan try to spend as much time as possible with my son Platon, who was born eight months ago. Parents from early childhood to instill in the kid the right manners.

Today the actor’s daughter from his first marriage to Pauline is celebrating a birthday. The young actress turned 21. Kseniya rushed to congratulate the birthday girl, and in the microblog showed that the baby is a real gentleman, and therefore gives her flowers.

“Plato Maksimovich in the morning at the parade and with the bouquet. Congratulates beloved sister Pauline happy birthday,” wrote Sobchak in the social network.

Fans were delighted with the picture. They were delighted that TV presenter and chief editor of glossy fashion magazine shared with them touching the baby, which holds the cornflowers. “And you, Ksenia, succumbed and began to share with her son. Joy always wants to share”, “How sweet, well-mannered and mind-blowing man!” “How cute, soft and beautiful. The best,” said the followers.

Now the whole family Maxim Vitorgan rest in Latvia. The couple enjoy the time they spend away from the hustle and bustle with a little Plato. The actor tries to temper the child, and often sent him to the pool, where the toddler learns to swim. The actor regularly shares achievements with your followers, but Xenia does this only from time to time. Each of the baby causes a stir in the Network users that do not skimp on comments. They are touched by the photos of the heir to Sobchak and Vitorgan, as well as wondering, for someone like Plato. Son Sobchak and Vitorgan performs tricks under water

“When we’re happy, usually to tell about myself nothing. Drama, revelations, exaggerated passions, find adventure just becomes strange and funny. “How are you?” – “All right, I guess, that’s family time,” say more relaxed, because it is embarrassing to say how inexplicable it’s nice to just be there… Happy families are sure this is all very similar to each other, Leo wasn’t wrong,” said Ksenia.