Сын телезвезды Валентины Леонтьевой рассказал, почему пропустил похороны матери The son of legendary speaker Valentina Leontyeva decided to dispel the rumors surrounding his family. Dmitry Vinogradov admitted that he did not come to say goodbye to the mother because of long-standing conflict with her relatives.
Сын телезвезды Валентины Леонтьевой рассказал, почему пропустил похороны матери

For millions of young viewers to the legendary TV presenter Valentina Leontyeva was just aunt Valya. On her show, “In a fairy tale” and “good night, kids” grew more than one generation. Itself the people’s artist of the USSR has repeatedly admitted that most of all she likes to work with children, because the young audience it charges positive energy.

That’s just the relationship with his own son Dmitri Valentina Mikhailovna did not happen. At least, I thought so many journalists who, after the death of speaker in 2007, has accused her only heir of all mortal sins. The man only fueled the rumors about conflict with her mother, refusing even to comment on family problems.

Only a decade later the heir to the legendary TV presenter decided to give an interview. Communicating with the presenter of the program “Let them talk” by Dmitry Borisov, he noted that he truly loved mother.

“I have lived with the mother for up to 45 years. For many, this seems strange, but it is. We had good relations with the Pope, I also perfectly communicated. My mother was very gentle, always being coddled, and the Pope, on the contrary different severity. All these bad things about us in a Network was beneficial to someone. They wanted to tarnish her image, to erase the memory of the people that mom was a great speaker, to the center of attention was the story about the poor son and husband-the alcoholic,” — said Dmitry.
Сын телезвезды Валентины Леонтьевой рассказал, почему пропустил похороны матери

In the last years of his life Vinogradov do rarely visited the mother, but this was due not to their conflict, but with a long-standing feud Dmitry with relatives. After a spinal injury that Valentina got inadvertently in the “Ostankino”, taking care of her took relatives living in the Ulyanovsk region. However, the only son Leontyeva argues that the true purpose of relatives had the money and valuables of the legendary speaker.

“After she died, they drove to the home of KAMAZ, to bring all of mom’s things. They carried off everything. And mom wanted to be cremated and buried the ashes in Moscow, but they insisted on the ceremony in Ulyanovsk region. I didn’t come to the funeral, because I was sure I could handle it. I was afraid that he would kill any of these bastards, and then we will talk about the criminal case. But justice still prevailed: I wanted them dead, and they died. You could say I’m cursed,” said Dmitry.

The revelation of the son of Soviet star struck many of those present in the Studio. In their opinion, Dmitry is still hard to think about a family tragedy, and so there’s anger.

Friends and colleagues of Valentina Mihailovna hastened to note that she loved the only heir, but because of the constant filming just could not pay him enough attention. Himself Dmitri said that I never felt deprived. “She spent enough time with me. Of course, there was often busy, but I knew it”, — said Vinogradov.

Now Dmitry is married with a son. The boy is growing incredibly artistic, and according to friends of the family, will be able to make a career on television. Moreover, his name is Valentine, just like the legendary grandmother, the fate of which still raises many questions among her fans.