Son of johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis urgently hospitalized!

Сын Джонни Деппа и Ванессы Паради срочно госпитализирован!
The 16-year-old Jack has a serious heart problem.

Сын Джонни Деппа и Ванессы Паради срочно госпитализирован!

Jack Depp and Lily-rose Depp

About the dire health situation Jack became known from the statement of the Director of a new film starring Vanessa Paradis. She flew to France for the premiere due to the fact that seriously ill son, and she, of course, had to stay close. It is known that after breaking up with Depp, Vanessa was forced to move to Los Angeles, and spend most of the time because of the children — daughter Lily-rose, made, incidentally, has a great career as a model and actress to their 18th birthday and son Jack. Because johnny insisted on their American training, as it resisted Vanessa.

Once the family has experienced a serious problem related to health Lily-rose. Then, in 2007, the girl was on the verge of life and death due to problems with the kidneys. Johnny and Vanessa at the time was a happy couple, and together they did not depart from bed of the daughter in the hospital as long as the situation has not changed, and Lily-rose was no longer in danger. Depp once that though as-that to please girl came to her in the full garb of his character from “Pirates of the Caribbean” — Jack Sparrow.

What will Depp now? After all, he is not in the best shape — physical and mental. On the verge of bankruptcy, leading a lawsuit with their former managers, who he blames for the financial problems, lost much of its reputation and status of a Hollywood star “class A”. But still not quite healthy. And all this after his, to put it mildly, unsuccessful, marriage escapades with amber heard. That however, did not prevent him to go on tour with his musical group. In this tour, Depp is now. He started with the obvious goal — to cheer up, to escape from collapsed on him misfortunes and failures, in which he is mostly to blame. Music has always been his great passion and comfort, even from early youth he dreamed of becoming a musician.

There is only one question — join immediately Depp, wherever he was, to Vanessa, to be near her sick son? Even if the tickets are already sold out on his concerts, you will be able to abandon remarks and applause of their fans for the sake of the family?

Vanessa Paradis and johnny Depp 2010

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