Son of Janna Friske explained the absence of a mother

Сыну Жанны Фриске объяснили отсутствие мамы
Dmitry Shepelev was not invited to the feast of the son of his family?

Сыну Жанны Фриске объяснили отсутствие мамы

Natalia Friske with his mother Olga

Photo: @friske_natalia Instagram Natalia Friske

Photo: @friske_natalia Instagram Natalia Friske

On the days of the son of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev was five years old. The boy’s relatives were celebrating separately from each other. Dmitri arranged for Plato a private party where, apparently, was not invited neither aunt nor grandma and grandpa. Natalia congratulated nephew through social networks, telling about how much of it misses. She ate it a piece of birthday cake. And even published a poem written by an anonymous author.

The composition may provide Shepelevo real help in explaining Plato’s absence next to mom. In particular, it has the following lines:

“Good, my open palms,

And attach to her breast.

Can you hear the heart of Petosky.

There’s your mommy. Inside!”

Natalya poem made a strong impression, as, indeed, most fans of the deceased artist. Incidentally, earlier Dmitry has told that yet did not share with Plato a history of the care of his mother from life. Shepelev was going to “pull” the discussion of this topic until recently.