Son of Janna Friske became a defendant in court

Сын Жанны Фриске стал ответчиком в суде

Infant son of the deceased singer Jeanne Friske Plato, whose father is civil husband of the artist Dmitry Shepelev, was the Respondent in court on the suit of “Rusfond”. During the pre-trial of the lawsuit, members of the family of Joan or Dmitry did not come, came only representatives of the plaintiff.

According to Chairman, “Rusfond” gave Zhanna Friske 25 million rubles for treatment, and the artist had to provide a report on the money spent, but now in the hands of representatives there is a report on the amount of just three million, but where did the rest – this one of the relatives of the late Jeanne said.
The lawyer “Rusfond” reported that since the heirs of Joan are the parents Friske and her infant son Platon, which means they must provide documentation regarding the cost of treatment of Jeanne.
The court undertook to involve the parents of the singer Olga and Vladimir, as well as Plato Shepeleva as co-defendants, the court representative of the child is obliged to be his father Dmitry.
A representative of the Foundation at that time reported that a few days before the death of Jeanne who some of the managers of her inheritance cashed the money, but who exactly did it – is unknown. However, in the “Rusfond” even provided relevant evidence in the form of documents. And Dmitry, parents of Jeanne nod at each other. Father Friske sure that the funds removed Shepelev, Dmitry but denies it and says that the heir of Joan and her money was the mother of the singer Olga Vladimirovna, and thus about wasted funds need to ask her. The next meeting is scheduled for February 28.