Сын Ирины Дубцовой стал маминой копией
12-year-old Artem has struck the fans resemblance to the singer.

Irina Dubtsova and son Artem

Son of Irina Dubtsova, growing up, becoming more and more like
on its star mother. Recently the singer posted in personal mircoblog common with 12-year-old
Artem the, who confirmed fans of the actress in this opinion. “Mother’s
son! Just a copy. Until then, cool, both of you!” commented subscribers
page Dubtsova photo.

By the way, the son is similar to Irina,not only externally
Chernitsyna Jr. distinguished and vocal. This became known
at the beginning of the year when Artem debuted as a singer, performing together
with Dubtsova song “Love me long” on the channel STS. Then the boy gathered a huge
the number of fans compliments of Irene. “What a man! The same
talented as mom. I just fell in love with this boy!” — left
netizens comments in the personal microblog of the stars and on her youtube channel.

Unfortunately, Tom’s just like mother not only talent, they have more common problem —
allergies. Very soon the family will go to wait out the flowering period of birch in the
Maldives. Forced, but nevertheless a joyous and happy holiday,
Irina, as always, planned in advance. A two-week absence from school
will not affect the academic performance of boy. The singer with pride
told me that her son is studying very well.