Son of Irena Ponaroshku did not believe the mother is a beautiful

Сын Ирены Понарошку не считает маму красивой
The presenter laughed at the funny statement six Seraphim.

Irena Ponaroshku son Seraphim

Photo: Instagram

Irena Ponaroshku laughingly described his reasoning
six-year-old son, Seraphim. Although the boy could easily hurt your mother in your own words. “A spouse has recently been a surge of tenderness when we were in
traffic on the Boulevard. He, staring at me in the red tail-lights, suddenly
I said, “Honey, why don’t you look pretty?!” And then came squeezy
voice from the back seat: “it’s because she wore makeup! I saw
she was Ismatulla face!” And this man I gave the best years of my life
(6 PCs.) and the best cashmere caps (4 PCs)”.

Subscribers leading microblog, where she published a post
appreciated as occurred, and, as Irene wrote about it.
Fake long known for its subtle sense of humor. For example, one day the star broke the outright confession ended
quite unexpectedly.

Then she told the frustrated romance novels. “It is fashionable, of course, to say: “I regret nothing”, —
shared Irena. — But I, for one, regret that I didn’t have in the life of a novel with
a male motorcyclist, who was stopped would be for me to the University the envy of
the Sorority sisters… Well, about
the dark-skinned basketball player, I generally keep quiet, because I have already regretted
the previous posts! However, according to the laws of reincarnation in the next incarnation we
get all dreamed in this life. So to die is not scary
much worse live, because the husband reads Instagram…”