Son of Igor Talkova “thrown” on the show Dmitry Shepelev

Сына Игоря Талькова «кинули» на шоу Дмитрия Шепелева The heir to the musician spent a few hours backstage, but was never invited to the Studio. Singer Aziz appeared in a controversial program “really”, expressed his indignation at the actions of the editors and the leader, which, she said, acted very disrespectful to his characters.
Сына Игоря Талькова «кинули» на шоу Дмитрия Шепелева

A new program on the First channel “really” have already earned the title of one of the most scandalous Russian TV. In the short time that the show aired, several heroes managed to complain as the leading Dmitry Shepelev and the entire project team. This time the “victim” of editors was the son of Igor Talkova. The man flew from the Crimea to talk about the mysterious death of his father, but in the end stayed behind the scenes for several hours.

The theme of the next edition of the program “really” has become the fate of the idol of the 80s Igor Talkov. The death of the singer in September 1991, shocked fans, but the circumstances of the tragedy remained a mystery. To shed light on history, is still causing many issues in the Studio Shepeleva has invited the singer Aziz, mistress Elena Kondaurova and, of course, the son – Igor Talkov Jr. To tell about my dad, he flew in from touring, but the words of the heir of the stars and not given.

“He is the film promised a good fee. For the money he agreed to arrive on time in Moscow. We all know that, despite the loud name, he lives not richly, – said the source. – On the program he had to tell his story, which my father killed. The entire broadcast Igor sat backstage, waiting for its release. But Shepelev didn’t call his Studio”.
Сына Игоря Талькова «кинули» на шоу Дмитрия Шепелева

The TV crew plans changed, which is called “I”: revelations of the singer Aziza and Elena Kondaurova lie detector proved to be quite sharp, so the need to call the heir of the contractor just disappeared.

“It turns out the man left his business and flew to Moscow to sit behind the scenes! Of course, the promised fee, he has not received, – said the source. Igor himself has admitted that he was not too surprised by the act of TV. As a creative person, he did it in verse form:

“I threw today, the first channel

Pointing me to the alleged place.

But I very much resent did not

And write it in their place instead.”

Note that Aziz too was not too happy with the show. The artist was accused that she allegedly witnessed some important facts about the murder of Igor Talkova. But she denies it.

“On the polygraph I personally do not care. Moreover, all this is a sham and a show. Both the leading and the experts play their roles in a well-orchestrated production. I was asked to come back Igor Talkov Jr. We are friends. I came. But for some reason it was never called in the Studio. It is disrespectful not even to Igor, but the memory of his father,” — said the singer in an interview with “Interlocutor”.