Son of Grigory Leps went to the first class

Сын Григория Лепса пошел в первый класс
The musician personally escorted the van on the line.

Grigory Leps at a school meeting

Photo: personal archive of Grigory Leps

1 Sep
Grigory Leps with his wife Anna and daughter eve were in the first class of Russian
International School son Vanya. In this same school, in grade 4, with the new school
year, we went to their daughter Nicole.

preparing for the studies long before entering
— he has a good knowledge in math and English, he can read and write and
goes to school with pleasure and a great mood.

At the same
morning Gregory Leps have an official account on the social network Instagram
@gvleps. The news quickly spread among friends of the artist, which
supported official artist’s page in their accounts.