Сын Евгения Леонова поведал о муках отца перед смертью The actor died over twenty years ago after a long illness. The heir to the favorite of millions of viewers told how he left the life of the famous dad.
Сын Евгения Леонова поведал о муках отца перед смертью

Andrey Leonov became the hero of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Son of Eugene p. frankly told how the father held steady in recent years before his death.

At the end of the 80s the artist during a tour of Germany suffered a massive heart attack. Doctors miraculously managed to save him, then Leonov suffered clinical death. The doctors made the actor emergency surgery coronary artery bypass surgery. But the trouble is, as we know does not come alone, and, according to Andrew, my father has gangrene foot. The reason was his long-term love bad habits: cigarettes and alcohol.

“In Russia, the him, the doctors advised to stay at home to look out of the window… For dad it was impossible to make. And in Germany, on the contrary, two weeks after the operation, said, work, play in the theater,” shared Andrew.
Сын Евгения Леонова поведал о муках отца перед смертью

After surgery, the artist lived another five years. According to the memoirs of his son, Evgenii Pavlovich in the end had little or no role.

“In the early 90s, little was filming a movie. He felt not in demand. Dad lost a lot of weight, he changed the complexion,” – said Leonov, Jr.

Andrew still remembers the day when dad died. Evgeny Pavlovich was preparing for the play “Memorial prayer”. The actor dressed in stage costume at home, suddenly fell. The wife of the artist Wanda V. called an ambulance, but doctors were unable to help him. Leonov died in one second.

“I think he has autovalsa the clot. The medics tried to do CPR, to have a heart… But nothing was saved”, – said Andrey.
Leonov, Jr. shared, when the theater announced the death of the actor, none of the audience handed the ticket to the cashier. Ordinary people lit candles in the foyer and commemorates a favorite artist. “Stood there a long time did not disperse. Many could not believe that it really happened, thought error. Everyone stood silently and mournfully…,” he told Leonov, Jr.

Pet million buried in Moscow at Novodevichy cemetery. Andrew told me that mom Vanda Vladimirovna Leonova took hard the loss of a beloved spouse.

“It was hard for her, of course she then paid health. I don’t want to talk about it, mom pull, trying. Operations were complex, but it is well done, keeps… Dad and I often recall,” concluded Leonov, Jr.