Son of Elena Korikova was deprived of the rights

Сына Елены Кориковой лишили прав The young man was caught driving under the influence. The heir of the actress Arseny returned from the friends birthday party, where he was persuaded to drink a little alcohol. On the road he was stopped by traffic police and recorded a violation of the law.

      Сына Елены Кориковой лишили прав

      About Arseny – heir to the stars series “Poor Nastja” Elena Korikova – is little known. The 23 year old graduated from the prestigious economic University, the teenager starred in the film “Captain’s children”. “StarHit” found out that Arseny is already in trouble with the law.

      “Even on the holidays Senya not a fan of alcohol – says “StarHit” the other young man Cyril. – But then we celebrated the birthday of a friend, persuaded, and so he fell, waved a pair of glasses for the health of the companion. At the end of the night I thought that all managed to breathe”.

      Friends Korikova asked him to stay for the night and not to go anywhere. However, they failed to convince the young man.

      “He rested, and on the way home as luck would have it braked, – Cyril continues. – Began to check the documents. Senya did not resist. But one guard suddenly said, “why do you have red cheeks? Come to us in the car!” Here korikov realized that nowhere to go. Of course, I tried jokes to talk to the inspector to not take the test. But the law will not disappoint. For refusing “to breathe into a tube” Arsenii was deprived of the license for a year and six months. Plus a penalty of 30 thousand rubles.”

      We will remind that Elena Korikova birth to a baby boy in July, 1993. There were rumors that the boy’s father is Dmitry Roshchin, however, he denied this information. Arseniy raised the operator and the Director Maxim Osadchy, with whom Korikova lived for several years.