Son of Ekaterina Guseva, almost drove her to hysteria

Сын Екатерины Гусевой едва не довел ее до истерики Actress of theatre and cinema shared the joyful event of his life. Ekaterina Guseva spoke about how her successor was preparing to enter the University. Alex did a lot to become a student of the University. In recognition of the stars, she experienced even more of the young man.
Сын Екатерины Гусевой едва не довел ее до истерики

Actress Ekaterina Guseva gave an interview in which he told about the important events in her life in 2017. As an actress, she had a lot of projects in the theatre and on the screen. In the near future should take place the premiere of the series “A. L. J. I. R.” with the participation of Catherine, Daria Ekamasova, Kirill Pletnev, and others. She also pleased fans two solo concerts in the Small hall of the State Kremlin Palace.

However, creative activities Catherine is not limited. The actress shared her feelings about an important period in the life of his son. The young man received his secondary education and went to University.

“How much was the excitement, the sleepless nights… It was a serious jolt! The most important thing is to preserve mental health of children and their parents in preparation and delivery of Unified state examination. I think I was more worried of his son, at least Alex, I was reassured. And I was irritated even more, suspecting him of the indifference” – said the star.

According to star, Alex was preparing for the exam in two areas – economic and humanitarian. The actress’s son passed the basic skills English, mathematics and core mathematics. The young man did a lot to show a good result.

“We with the husband tried to show Alesha how interesting, diverse world. Today the possibilities for self-realization limitless. But there is one problem. The complexity of choice. And Alex faced her. I myself did not understand: he is a physicist or a lyric. So harmonious it all goes well”, – said the actress.

Catherine reported that she was asked to speak at the graduation of the son. In preparation for the performance, the actress was worried. In the end, the star was able to overcome himself and to cope with emotions. “To whom much is given, much is required. You have been given much. In 11 years of teaching in high school teachers put in so much knowledge and skills, why not use them? Try. Everything is in your hands” – asked Gusev to recent graduates.

Now the son of a famous actress is studying in MGIMO. Alex managed to get required for admission passing score. Catherine is proud of the achievements of a young person. Very soon Alex will pass the first session, transfers “TV”.