Сын Эдгарда Запашного родился раньше срока Now the baby is in intensive care. Tonight famous trainer Edgard Zapashny became a father for the third time. Male happy with the appearance of an heir, but is very worried about his life and health.
Сын Эдгарда Запашного родился раньше срока

Despite the fact that the bride zapashnogo Yaroslavna put a delivery date in September, the child was born early by a few weeks. For this reason, it was decided to place the boy in the intensive care unit of Metropolitan hospital. Now the health of mother and baby is not in danger.

“Everything happened suddenly, – has shared with “StarHit” Edgard Zapashny. We were expecting a son in September, but he decided to show up early. Yaroslavna called me today at eight in the morning and said that giving birth. At this time I was on vacation in Astrakhan with a friend. Flew the first flight and rushed to the hospital.”

The kid is an increase of 49 cm and a weight of three kilograms was born at 16.30. The newly mom showed child and briefly laid on his stomach, and then placed in a special box in the intensive care unit.

“I have already talked with the chief physician of hospital, – has told “StarHit” the trainer. – He assured me that all will be well, health of Fame, and the son is not in danger. However, baby is still some time lie down in the box. I saw him, but take not allowed – not yet. With Fame also fine, she’s resting, she gave birth. To her I was allowed under strict supervision of doctors, and a gauze bandage. Perhaps tonight she will be moved to a regular room tomorrow and will be able to see normally. By the end of the week will be clear when they write”.

One of the first of Edgar congratulated his ex-girlfriend Olga Denisova, who gave birth to Zapadnomu two daughters, Stephanie and Gloria. Recall that the pair broke up a few years ago, but managed to maintain friendly relations for the sake of the children. In the personal lives of Olga, everything turned out successful. In 2016, she married, and earlier this year gave birth to a son Herman.

“Olga sent his congratulations by phone – shares Zapashny with “StarHit”. Said that I am now also a family man. In fact, they Yaroslavna great deal. Stesha Gloria is also well accepted my bride. Girls have not seen the brother, but soon it will happen. After the birth of Herman they understand everything, and now they have another one.”

Zapashny met with a striking brunette in 2013 in the company of friends. Broke novel: those who traveled and spent a lot of time together and soon moved in together. Yaroslavna settled by the administrator in the Circus of Zapashny brothers, to be closer to Edgar.