Son of Donald trump publicly called autistic

Сына Дональда Трампа публично назвали аутистом Celebrity nourishes the open hatred of the newly elected President of the United States and not trying to hide it. In his account on the social network she posted a video which revealed signs of autism heir to the trump. Statements Actresses caused outrage among subscribers.

      Rosie O’donnell for a long time hostile towards the 45 th President of the United States Donald Trump. The feud between the two celebrities each time takes an unexpected turn. This time the star has published on his page on “Twitter” video, which the user “Youtube” decided to collect movies with the participation of the son of the head of state Barron so naladnu to demonstrate an open form of autism in boys. Apparently, Rosie was attracted to this video and she chose to put it in his microblog.

      What do we know about the new first lady of the United States Melania trump

      It is known that the daughter of the actress in September of this year was diagnosed with autism, she began to treat this problem is particularly painful. Viewing the video online, women prefer to Express their opinion about the health of the son of a billionaire. In her opinion, the Barron is clearly expressed symptoms of the disease, but she believes that this is sort of a ploy to attract attention to the subject.

      “Barron trump autism? An amazing opportunity to draw attention to the autism epidemic,” wrote in “Twitter” the actress.

      The young man, mount this video I wanted to show you that the Barron there is a problem that parents for unknown to him reasons not bring to the discussion. Media has repeatedly stated that the boy deviations. The footage shows that he makes too many gestures, behaves somewhat strange facial expression on his face somewhat disturbed, with the result that the public had the impression that the heir to the trump ill. The President of the US many times, gave a speech in which took place the issue of autism. Speaking about his own son, he, in the opinion of the user of the Network, hinted at the evil which he is present. First lady Melania trump has said in an interview that Barron is a very clever boy, he’s not intellectual, interested in exact Sciences, love long walks alone and talking to himself. People familiar with autism, there is a clear conviction that the boy had not developed social skills and it would be hard to be surrounded by large numbers of people.

      In this video are a collection of stories with very different events on which Barron presents so that he does have a problem, however, no evidence on this point. Actress, put on his page this video, ironically took what he saw and therefore left a comment: “Barron trump autism? An amazing opportunity to draw attention to the epidemic of autism.”

      Subscribers of komediantka her words seemed offensive. They said that a personal dislike of the actress’s Trump should not go to the son. Followers believe that without any accurate evidence, Rosie wrongly diagnosed Barron. The majority of Internet users believe that celebrity did not have the right so rudely to Express the opinion, because she had herself has a daughter who suffers from autism.