Сын Кристины Орбакайте трогательно опекает младшую сестру Denis Baysarov insures the Clave while swimming in the pool. Big brother loves to mess with the little sister and made no secret of his love for the little girl. Children of Christina Orbakaite very friendly with each other.

      The middle son of Christina Orbakaite Denis Baysarov this year, as you know, graduated from high school, successfully passing the exam. Autumn Deni go to England. He plans to study on the course of the business management, and now the guy deserved vacation.

      On the eve together with a star mom and younger sister Claudia Denis went on vacation. The famous family did not disclose where it spends time. But judging by the palm trees in the photo in the microblog Christina Aguilera, somewhere in a very hot place. Few days ago Denis Baisarov told his followers that he was leaving for the holidays, posting funny videos with his sister Claudia, in which they are happy about the upcoming holiday.

      But on Sunday he shared a touching the proving of his love for his little sister. In the picture brother and sister depicted in the pool. Girl lying on inflatable mattress, and Danny holds not a very reliable craft, protecting Claudia. The girl glows with happiness, it is clear that she was well next to his brother. She is not afraid of water and feel very confident in the hands of Denis.

      “Rest with Clausa,” commented Denis Baysarov photo in the microblog. “So cute! Denis, you’re very clever”, “Clause – lovely lovely” – responded to the followers of the son of Kristina Orbakaite.

      All three children of the famous singer, despite the great difference in age, friendly with each other, and older brothers, 25-year-old Nikita and 18-year-old Denis I love my younger sister Claudia. Christina Aguilera once admitted that the character of the sons she knows quite well, but with the daughter of the case until the situation differently. “Klavochka we are still getting to know each other. In fact, while the child in the cradle, you can still raise, and when he gets up, begins to speak, to know this world all too late, and already it is unclear who brings”, – said the honored artist of Russia in a recent interview. Daughter Kristina Orbakaite was surprised mom

      The singer encourages little Claudia to be comprehensively developed the child. The actress even starred with her daughter in the clip. The girl understands, as a working mother – because she was backstage at her concerts. Sometimes Christina even takes the heiress with me on tour.

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