Son of Anna Sedokova said his first word. What?

Son of Anna Sedokova said his first word. What?
The singer shared the joy.

Anna Sedokova

Photo: @annasedokova (Anna Sedokova Instagram)

Son of Anna Sedokova with the original name Hector turned six months. As expected for young mothers, artist summed up some results of the last six months. As it turned out, the son of 34-year-old singer recently said his first word. It happened, however, is that once and, says Anna, by accident, but the fact remains.

“Today we 6 months and every day I thank God for this gift. His smile, for our first Patty-cake,”while”, which he did today for the first time. For the way he hiccups, after I will laugh. For how does not like to lie on your back and all the time, crawling, — said Sedokova. “Mother,” said once by accident, but how much more lies ahead. Children — the best that was and is my life! And if you are thinking Yes or no, believe me — definitely Yes! No difficulty can not be compared with the first Ladushki. It I as incredibly happy people say!”

His son, the artist educates themselves. About father Hector Anna didn’t say anything before birth or after. Recently the singer spoke about the betrayal of men. She told me that she broke off relations with her lover for talking with his alleged mistress. “Perhaps she deceived me, but, if I stayed, I would have continued to deceive themselves their entire lives trying to convince myself that it’s just a lie!” — said Anna.