Son of Anna Kalashnikova received a magnificent gift from the oligarch

Сын Анны Калашниковой получил роскошный подарок от олигарха Little Dan became the owner of the ATV. The baby rides it together with her mother, who is holding him on her lap during the trip. Such a precious gift, the heir of the actress and TV presenter took over from Andrei Kovalev.

      Сын Анны Калашниковой получил роскошный подарок от олигарха

      A small son of Anna Kalashnikova surrounded by care and attention not only from family, but also its environment. Close I love to indulge year-old Danil gifts. The other day a luxurious gift to his son of Anna Kalashnikova presented his godparents is a businessman and singer Andrei Kovalev and designer Inna Zhirkova. Anna Kalashnikov baptized son. PHOTO

      “Our favorite cross gave Dana a real Quad bike for 1.5 years – says “StarHit” Anna Kalashnikova. The son just loves the car, we have a house for a toy fleet, which is growing and growing. Dan I have a big fan of all kinds of machinery. Now on a Quad bike ride with him – put him on his knees, the boy looks with interest at the new form of transport, it all very interesting, of course, asks for a ride myself! The love of cars runs in the family, our interests with his son in this match.”
      Сын Анны Калашниковой получил роскошный подарок от олигарха

      It seems that soon all sorts of gifts that make her the heir presenter and actress, will need to allocate a separate room in the house. In addition to cars, Dan is showing interest in different goals – shot from each trip tries to bring him different. From the last inflatable in the form of birds from the popular game Angry Birds, which Anna bought the little boy in Sochi during the competition “New wave”.

      “He’s very mobile – confessed Kalashnikov “StarHit”. – Loves to play football. Clock can drive the ball on the grass. And I’m standing at the gates, act as “opponents”. Of all the countries and cities I visit, trying to remember to bring him gifts. Dan collects balls – all different – and bouncy, and “hoppers”, and football, which are already just do not have it in the nursery!”