Son of Anna Ardovs refused to live with her

Сын Анны Ардовой отказался жить с ней Having lived in lawful wedlock with actor Alexandrov Shavrina almost 20 years, the star officially divorced in the spring of 2017. Now Anna spoke for the first time about his new status, and said, what choice did the child.

Anna Ardova says that her comfortnew alone, and admits it’s good to belong to itself. Outside of work, filming and performances, Ardovs many Hobbies – she is an excellent cook, collects and tries to paint, grow flowers. The actress, which in September turned 48 years old, I repeat that there are a lot of the most beautiful things – books, movies, theatre, yoga, girlfriends and children.

Demand actress, the winner of award TEFI, Anna Ardovs two children – 21-LETA daughter Sonia, the name of the father which the actress still doesn’t want to even remember, and the son of Anton Alexander Shavrina. As the familiar saying, and judging by sharing a photo on social networks, the former spouses continue to maintain friendly relations. But the actress now lives alone. A year ago, already an adult Sofia Ardova, graduating from drama Studio and having a place in the troupe of the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov, moved in. And his son, 16-year-old Anton, as for the first time admitted Ardova in the transfer NTV “One day”, knowing that the parents decided to divorce, said to live in father.

“I’m all psychologists to blow – what to do? What to do? “If the boy wants to stay with his father – said to me, you should stay with the father. And you will suffer”. And I went,” – said in an interview Ardova.

But after some time, seeing that the son began to gain weight, Ardova decided that he should return. “Thought it was his nerves. He was very worried,” – said the artist. So she is five months lived under the same roof then still official husband Alexander Shavrina.

It is unknown how many would have lasted this strange life of the spouses wishing to divorce, if not for their son. It was he who now says Anna, “released” her.

“Anton himself two years ago, he was 14 years old, in the evening I said, “Mom, I can’t go with dad in one room to sleep. Well, in General, go to your room, in your apartment already live there. And I’m a big boy, to you for 20 minutes. If anything, I’ll come.” Then he sent me, and I left. At first I was very bored and was suffered by Anton. It is now used that the Tohu I rarely see, but miss desperately” – frankly told the actress.

By the way the son of Anna Ardovs, like his sister, decided to continue the dynasty. As a teenager, he starred in mom’s sketchkomy “One for all” and “Women’s League”, and later consciously chose the acting profession. Now Anton Shavrin – College student theatre of Oleg Tabakov.