Сын Анастасии Стоцкой получил серьезную травму
The incident marred the occasion in the family of the singer.

Сын Анастасии Стоцкой получил серьезную травму

Anastasia Stotskaya with his daughter Faith

Photo: @100tskaya Instagram Anastasia Stotskaya

Son Of Anastasia Stotskaya — Alexander

Photo: @@100tskaya Instagram Anastasia Stotskaya

A couple of days ago Anastasia Stotskaya celebrated in Turkey the first birthday of my daughter Faith. For the baby was prepared with a big celebration with balloons, birthday cake and presents. But the baby shower did not go as planned, the singer. The older brother of the birthday girl — six-year-old Alexander received a serious trauma of the left hand.

As it turned out, doctors diagnosed the son of Anastasia fracture. The next day the singer came back to Moscow and asked for help in the research Institute of emergency pediatric surgery and traumatology. The Stotsky of the incident, of course, very upset. The incident Stotsky told your friends in social networks and published a photo of Alexander with a cast on his arm.

Fans want Stotsky son a speedy recovery, and heiress to the singer’s congratulations on the birthday. Meanwhile, Anastasia, despite the entreaties, not yet showing the face of Faith in the microblog. However completely to refuse from publishing her photos Stotsky did not happen. Recently, for example, she showed a touching photo, which caused heated discussion in the media. All now doubly can’t wait to see the girl’s face. Previously, Stotsky said that Faith is very similar to his older brother.