Сын Анастасии Гребенкиной испытал коньки, которые создала его мама-фигуристка The athlete told the “StarHit” its unique design, but also about how to celebrate the New year and what dish must cook for the festive new year’s table.
Сын Анастасии Гребенкиной испытал коньки, которые создала его мама-фигуристка

About creating your own design of ice skates, which already went on sale, Anastasia worked for four years. Star of the figure skating wanted shoes happened comfortable, high quality and at the same time – affordable. And, apparently, Grebenkina succeeded.

“I’m happy that turned out to implement the idea, – said the “StarHit” Anastasia. – Skates are called Royal Skate. At first I wanted to put my name on them, but decided against it. It is a lot of envy in our time. And I’m concerned not so much ambition as the quality of the product. Our skates are produced in Russia, while made of genuine Italian leather. The price is quite reasonable – 6500 rubles per pair.”

“We did everything that they were most comfortable: inside there are soft pads so as not rubbed bone on the ankle, on the tongue there are special ventilation holes to keep your feet did not sweat, tight fastening… our skates are made on the highest level”.

Anastasia herself had tested the shoes, something was modified… moreover, in shooting the latest lookbook of these skates attended seven year old son of Grebenkina Ivan, who is now studying in the first grade.

Сын Анастасии Гребенкиной испытал коньки, которые создала его мама-фигуристка“Vanya is now riding on them, he likes it – says the athlete. – I will not say that the son so loves sports, but is periodically trained. Vanya we have the intellectual, chess. But I think it will take another couple years and he will become interested in hockey. Possible. In any case, to force no one will.”

By the way, the first holders of the skates from Anastasia Grebenkina were visitors of her own school of figure skating. The institution engaged about 350 people – both adults and children. More than half of the students change to the new from the stars.

While skates can be purchased directly at the school or ordered online. However, Anastasia hoped that early next year everyone will be able to buy Royal Skate shoes from Grebenkina in many specialized sports stores in Russia.

What Anastasia is going to do for the New year? – said the skater “StarHit”. “I’m certainly not a master in the kitchen, but 15 years is traditionally cooked favorite herring under a fur coat. More precisely, the basin of salted salmon under a fur coat: a couple of years ago, my husband Yuri suggested that instead of the sardines in this dish better, add salmon. It turns out much softer and to some extent even tastier than the original version. So a bowl of “fur” will be exactly. We’ll take it and go to the cottage to friends whom celebrate the New year several years in a row”.

But what about a strict diet? “During the holidays I allow myself any food, but of course in moderation. Why eat a pizza at once, if you can limit to one or two pieces and get pleasure. If necessary, arrange fasting days, which the body then I strongly thanks. But especially on a diet is not sitting, it’s a terrible stress to the body”.