Son of Alexander Domogarova will remove it in a movie

Сын Александра Домогарова снимет его в кино The young man continues to work on the adaptation of the Stephen king story. Alexander Domogarov Jr. is not only a talented actor but also a budding Director. In his debut work, he will invite to play the father.

      Сын Александра Домогарова снимет его в кино

      Alexander Domogarov Jr. seeks to realize itself in the movie. A few years ago he entered the Schepkin drama school, but soon realized that I would like to choose a slightly different path than his father. But he wanted to stay in the cinema, and therefore decided to enter the Higher courses of Directors and screenwriters. The experience of filming he began to while working with commercials, and honed his skills, shooting video for the Olympic games in Sochi. However, now it faces the challenge to finish the film, however, is only short.

      Alexander Domogarov Jr. chose for the film adaptation of the Stephen king story. In order to be able to implement the project in life, he had to pay a considerable sum for the rights. The picture of the “Kids in a cage” – his final work. But, nevertheless, to play in his movie, he invited well – known artists of the ELU, Slanica and Alexander Ilyin. It is not excluded that the role will also get famous and father of a young man, Aleksandr Domogarov.

      “Daddy will play us in the final scene one of the characters, I don’t know, but the consent we have received. And in other roles, we have excellent young artists”, – shared his plans aspiring filmmaker.

      Now Alexander Domogarov Jr. are hard at work. A couple of years ago he admitted that aspires to achieve success and gain recognition as a Director. He is so passionate about his craft process that spares no time and effort on continuous improvement. That’s why it completely and maybe even for her to sacrifice personal life. First and foremost he wants to achieve as a Director, and only then start building a relationship.

      Now the son of actor completely immersed in the filming process, which not only wastes a lot of energy, but also a lot of money. “Korotkometrazhka “Kids in a cage” — my educational work. By the way, the rights to the film version cost me one million dollars — king sells some of his short stories to aspiring filmmakers for that amount. While we only filmed half of one scene, which was arranged for eight days. But the completion did not have enough money, manufacture of expensive — prosthetics, props, computer graphics, earn, and then continue shooting,” – said Domogarov Jr. in an interview with “7 days”.

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