Son of Alexander Domogarova lives on a teacher’s salary mother

Сын Александра Домогарова живёт на учительскую зарплату матери

28-year-old Alexander Domogarov, the son of the famous Russian artist, mired in poverty. The young man complained about the lack of work and, therefore, money. Kid, born in a second marriage with celebrity make-up artist Irina Gunenkova, living on mom’s salary and huddled with her in a small apartment.

“I have trouble with the work. It is all there! And money too… I Live at my mother’s teacher’s salary. How many teachers in schools get? Huddle in a small apartment” — admitted the young man.
Alexander has been shooting commercials for Internet sites, but it is times of crisis, and his business failed. All their money Domogarov Jr. invested in the band “Suffer the little children”, filmed on the novel king of horror Stephen king. Now the young Director wants to shoot a new film, the profession is not going away.
“… Movie – the meaning of my life. But, of course, without a stable income or financial support is indispensable in this area,” he says.
To the father for financial support, he does not intend to appeal, although this is in a good relationship. Now Alexander is raising money for home repairs in Berkasovo, once rewritten for him by the father. The mansion is not in the best condition and is gradually destroyed, and the contributions must be paid. To give up the house guy is not going, because grew up in it. Alexander wants to bring it in and leave to their children.