Сын Александра Барыкина страдает от безработицы George wants to become as popular as his father. However, while luck does not smile to him. The mother of Alexander Barykin told about the relationship in the family and his condition. She lives on a small pension in an apartment in the suburbs.

Alexander Barykin died suddenly in 2011 of a massive heart attack on tour in Orenburg. He is survived by mother, Alexandra Georgievna, and son George, who continued his father’s work. A relative of the artist speaks well of grandson. She claims that he supports it, however a young person problems with the work.

“Love Gochangco. I remember back in my childhood when I started to cry, I went to him immediately resorted to. After all he told me was almost like a son. I then was young. And somehow we have so happened that he was my favorite grandson, the other two granddaughters are seen infrequently. By the way, came to me for the New year, were already four hours away, we drank tea, sang songs under a guitar. Gosh, very similar to Sasha. He is a professional singer, and the son helped him when he was alive. Gosh, for a long time lived abroad, and now can not find work in Russia. And of course, he wants to be a simple musician, star, Sasha,” said Alexandra Georgievna reporters.

She is a relative of the singer complains that she is not enough for accommodation. Recently Andrey Kovalev made a gift to the elderly woman. On her 90th birthday, he presented her with a wheelchair. Mother of Alexander Barykin asks his friends son on assistance

Many stars support Alexandra Georgievna. “Recently I came to visit the writer Lena Lenin, which was friends with my son, and said, “that’s a handsome dress, shoes, hairstyle. As you are all clean, everything put away.” You know, I’m in the other room do not go to the lips not to paint. Helen rarely I happen. For all 7 years after Sasha of life was three times, but never forgets about me. She is a woman known, busy, she has her own business, lives in Paris,” said an elderly woman.

Alexander G. lives in an apartment in Lyubertsy, which was bought for her son in life. However, she complains of low pension. “15 thousand it is necessary to pay the housekeeper, 6 – rent. I have a pension of only 20 thousand. Of course, we still have something to live… When he was alive, Sasha, he has provided me. Son flew into the apartment like a bird, hugged, asked how feeling, always brought something. He paid for everything and gave us five thousand for life. I was in their apartment, lived with a nanny and then she was gone, because was nothing to pay. Now, she comes, takes and leaves. And I’m lonely… Well that to me for six months, was my sister Lucy. However, she was 75 years old and she can’t perform many household work because of their age,” shared Alexandra Georgievna, dealing with “Source”.