Сын Нади Ручки погулял на звездной вечеринке Анны Семенович The famous singer celebrated the birthday with friends. The feast of Anna Semenovich was held in one of fashionable Moscow restaurants. Among the guests stars were Nadia Handle, Kseniya Novikova, Tatiana Navka, Alla Dovlatov and many others.
Сын Нади Ручки погулял на звездной вечеринке Анны Семенович

The first of March the ex-soloist of group “Brilliant” Anna Semenovich celebrated his birthday. The singer turned 38 years old. The early morning star received congratulations from relatives and friends.

Сын Нади Ручки погулял на звездной вечеринке Анны Семенович“I grew up with a joyful lust are waiting for March 1. For me it is a magical day: the first day of spring, a new beginning for all of us and, of course, my favorite holiday, my birthday. Today I’m planning my new year, set myself new goals, make wishes and, of course, dream. Wish me courage and determination to complete their goals one hundred percent”, – shared the news in social networks.

On Thursday evening the singer has collected friends on a celebratory dinner in one of the capital’s restaurants, located on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Celebrity congratulated Anastasia Grebenkina, Tatyana Navka, Alla Dovlatova, Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov and his wife Marina, Ksenia Novikova and many others.

Singer Nadia Pen attended the event with his son Leo, who was born in August last year, and her husband Denis Barco. For the heir of the actress this is not the first release. A few months ago the Handle appeared on a children’s party organized by her friend Svetlana Yermolova. While the singer prefers not to show the baby’s face, so hiding it with fun stickers.

Friends of Anna Semenovich had a great time in restaurant with fish kitchen. Merry company walked until the morning and sang favorite songs. “My favorite, thank you for what you all came to me!” – asked Anna to friends. Throughout the evening the birthday girl received congratulations from loved ones.

“My dear girl, I adore you and congratulate you on your birthday. Be always the same bright, beautiful, beloved. Love you” – with these words the singer was asked Anastasia Grebenkina.

Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov noted that it has long been familiar with the birthday girl. The artist admires the talent of friends and colleagues. “Mayor, since you were a child in show business I was there for you. Almost from the first concert. In all that time you did not disappoint me, I feel only pride in our friendship,” said Grigoriev-Apollonov.

When the birthday celebration of Anna came to an end, the friends thanked her for a wonderful time. “It was a cool but comfortable night,” he found Nadia Handle. Spouse artist Denis Barco also expressed appreciation to the mayor. “Otsudili on the birthday of the brightest, hottest, our beloved Anna! Love you, dear!” – shared the chosen Handle.

Сын Нади Ручки погулял на звездной вечеринке Анны Семенович
Сын Нади Ручки погулял на звездной вечеринке Анны Семенович