Сын Майкла Дугласа: в детстве я разносил гостям марихуану по приказу отца

Сын Майкла Дугласа: в детстве я разносил гостям марихуану по приказу отца

Cameron Douglas, which this year celebrated 40 years, have not once got in a situation related to drugs. On their anniversary, the man has made a gift to myself and wrote a memoir, “Long way home”, which told about the controversial details of his childhood.

The book tells about a complicated relationship with the star of Cameron’s father Michael Douglas, about how a guy seven years spent in the colony, as well as a difficult fight against dependence on drugs. Mostly, the reader was struck by the story about the fact that the parties in the house of Michael, the little son by order of his father resounded guests marijuana.

Cameron recalls that running around with cigarettes permanently from one family member to another, but only in adulthood that he realized what he had in his hands at that moment. Also, being at a young age, he loved to climb trees, that’s when the Windows of his house, the first time the boy saw what they were doing beautiful people in the bedrooms expensive houses.

Michael and Cameron never had a good relationship. First the guy was arrested in 1999, he was arrested for possession of drugs. The situation repeated itself in 2005, when his car was found a full syringe of liquid cocaine. The son of a celebrity admitted that a long time had used methamphetamine, from which his body became dependent on the substance. When guy was sentenced to seven years in jail, Michael admitted that he was glad, he believed that the prison will be able to return Cameron to reality.

Now men have restored their relationship, and Cameron admitted that his family has always been a great support for him. The man has a daughter Lua, but in marriage, it never was. The mother of his child Vivian Times, has always been a good friend, but no more. Cameron tries to get back to acting and build a career.

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