Son Melnikova and Smolyaninova first went to kindergarten

Сын Мельниковой и Смольянинова впервые пошел в детский сад
Star mom parted with two-year-old Arthur.

Darya Melnikova with her son Arthur

Photo: @Instagram melnikovadsh Daria Melnikova

Today, two year old son Darya Melnikova and Artur Smolyaninov is a very important day. Little Arthur first went to kindergarten. Star parents very carefully chose for him preschool. Daria with husband and was fundamentally the presence of developing workshops for kids.

“It looks like the mother, who gave his son to kindergarten! Especially if it is a kindergarten with wonderful teachers, a small number of children in the group, room Montessori, with native English speakers and with a bunch of other important and useful pieces! — said Melnikov. — The coolest thing I during the day I know and see my son, and educators are always in touch with me! In General, now I’m like big, you can just sit and drink coffee in a cafe as you want, until my son communicates with a cute redhead girl Scotland!”

A private kindergarten is not far from the house acting couple in the center of Moscow. Judging by the mood, Daria had not experienced any feelings of the first day of the son in the garden. Often mothers are worried how their children will adapt in the team and whether they are there is someone hurt? But Melnikova conducted Arthur to kindergarten with a clear conscience, as absolutely confident in your choice.

Recall that recently Daria showed for the first joint photo of husband and son. The actress doesn’t like to expose details of their personal lives on public display, but if it does, then only in exceptional cases. By the way, Melnikova, until recently, managed to keep secret even the name of the son, but recently she had let it slip to fans that the boy was named in honor of the Pope.