Son Meladze and Dzhanabaeva subtly deceives parents

Сын Меладзе и Джанабаевой изощренно обманывает родителей A teenager is trying not to upset mom and dad. Albina dzhanabaeva admitted that he does not tolerate lies. She understands that 13-year-old Kostya doesn’t want to upset her poor grades, although he knows – she will not blame him.
Сын Меладзе и Джанабаевой изощренно обманывает родителей

The singer Valery Meladze and his ex-soloist of “VIA Gra” Albina dzhanabaeva older two sons, Constantine and Onions. The oldest child is 13 years old and the youngest in early July it will be three years. The boys are doing everything to please their parents, and mom and dad, in turn, try to show all your love and do not punish children for the faults. Despite the fact that the family Meladze not accepted blame for poor grades, Kostya still trying to hide bad results.

“If deuce painted over or torn out page to her, then on the eyes I better not get caught. This has happened more than once. It happens every time with special sophistication. Son, not wanting, apparently, to upset me, then erases bad grades, then carefully glues the pages of masks,” admitted the actress.

As it turned out, the secrecy was passed to his son from the Dzhanabaeva. She admitted that when she received comments from teachers, then tried to hide the diary away from parental eyes.

Valery Meladze says with pride about the older son. He thinks that the boy has a big future – he has shown interest in the technology. “Kostya has almost surpassed me in height, although he was barely 13 years old. He’s really interested in technology, and in its warehouse of thinking he is an engineer, same as me. He loves everything about technology, mechanics, electricity. He is currently working on a Tesla coil”, – told the artist in a television interview.

Earlier, the singer talked about the fact that spent with the eldest son a little time. The artist told me that went on tour six months after the birth of the child. Despite the fact that Albina has always been connected to the Bones, she knew that he did not get enough attention. When a celebrity is realized, apologized to my son. Now, however, teen love is the mother in tours to different cities and countries.

“Older often take on the road with us, he’s interested. We are always pondering how to have fun, get out of the Museum, in a word, I make his childhood bright,” shared dzhanabaeva with the edition “”.