Son Jennifer Lopez is ashamed of her mother

Сын Дженнифер Лопес стыдится своей матери
The singer was shocked by the words of the boy.

Сын Дженнифер Лопес стыдится своей матери

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is rightfully proud of its ability to dress in particular, and on stage, and how it
looks in his 47 years. But as it turned out, her own children from her marriage with ex-husband singer max Anthony, adhere to
on this account a different opinion. About
the star told a reporter for the online publication

Recently, 9-year-old son, Lopez — Max, the twin brother of the daughter of the singer Emma, stunned
the singer with his statement. Jennifer noticed some time ago that he
how strange she looks when she dresses in revealing stage
costumes and sexy dresses for the exit at various “red carpet”. And here
Max could not resist and finally decided to make a mother out loud that it seems
has long been concerned about: he advised mother not to open a body
outsiders views! “Mom, maybe you should consider to wear
more chastely, for example, pants?” — suddenly blurted out he when Lopez
dressed in yet another risky toilet.

Jennifer admitted that she doesn’t even know what she was more amazed:
the son criticized her style of clothes or how grown – up it sounded
remark. Recovering from the shock,
she found that the answer is: “what are you, I can’t. You know that your
mommy — actress… “God, I suddenly
I realized that my children – all grown. Still can’t believe they
ten. And soon, I’m afraid even to think about it, they turn and 10 years…” —
admitted Lopez. But while Jennifer is a little regret how fast they
growing up, she, at the same time, very glad. “Soon I will be able to talk to
them quite adult, and it is very exciting to me!” — said the singer.
And added that children are the main joy in her life, and she is madly grateful
destiny, for what they got her…

Jennifer Lopez’s son