Son Inna Malikova difficult to live in another country

Сыну Инны Маликовой непросто жить в другой стране
Inna Malikova in September 2016 held his son to study in Lyon.

Сыну Инны Маликовой непросто жить в другой стране

Today, many stars are trying to educate their children in schools abroad.

Dmitry lives in the Dorm. He studied at the famous culinary Institute. Paul Bocuse.

According to ina, the boy misses home and family.

“It’s been more than six months, as Dima moved to Lyon, – said Inna. The son is bored and goes to Moscow once a month. The studies he is given hard, but he tries and he does. Nobody said it would be easy. He is now fluent in French. While living in a pretty isolated campus. I think that in a year, let’s shoot him a small Studio apartment. I want him to have a more active life. Gym, cafes and cinema. All this love the young men of his age. I’m not so often he has come, but France fell in love even more.”

Inna is proud of his son and wishes him continued success. We also join her wishes.

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