Son-in-law of bill and Hillary Clinton Marc Mezvinsky is almost bankrupt

Зять Билла и Хиллари Клинтон Марк Мезвински почти банкрот

In family life the daughter of Hillary and bill Clinton came a dark stripe. Marc Mezvinsky, the husband of the daughter of a presidential candidate in 2016 and former US President Chelsea without five minutes the bankrupt. Foundation Brand Eaglevale Hellenic Opportunity made a rash move and soon he will be unemployed.

A few years ago, mark and his partners decided to invest in Greek banks. Who could have predicted in 2010 that the share repurchase will be a hopeless adventure. The man hoped that when the Greek economy recovers, money will flow to them the river, but the opposite happened.
As reported by the Western media, until recently, Mezvinsky ran the stock in exchange of $ 330 million (prior to that, he enjoyed eight years of his life at Goldman Sachs). Journalists repeatedly hinted at a fairly huge sum of assets-in-law and the impact on his wealth very wealthy mother-in-law and father-in-law. Does mark squandered the money and relatives?
If all goes sad scenario, Mezvinsky will have to trade a wall street on maternity leave to care for a two year old daughter Charlotte and baby future, which is under the heart of Chelsea. Well, or to join his mother and begin a political career.

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