Зять Ларисы Копенкиной раскрыл подробности гибели ее дочери Oleg Alekseev remembered the details of the tragic day. The heiress Larissa Kopenkina fell out of the window, but she does not believe that Anastasia decided to commit suicide. After more than 20 years old businesswoman met up with a former relative, to clarify unknown facts.
Зять Ларисы Копенкиной раскрыл подробности гибели ее дочери

21 years ago Larisa Kopenkina lost daughter, Anastasia. When the girl was 16, she met a young man, Oleg Alekseev, who was seven years older than her and only came back from the army. The girl’s parents did not like that guy from a dysfunctional family, moreover, it did not work. “I read in the diary and learned that they sleep”, – Larisa told in the program “really”.

After that four years turned to the police, but Cindy convinced her to take a statement. For Oleg, the girl quit school and moved in with her parents beloved. However, her father provided a few. Once she asked him for the amount of 250 thousand rubles.

“Anastasia shouted that greedy, I said that the eyes tear money, but you won’t,” said Larissa.

Зять Ларисы Копенкиной раскрыл подробности гибели ее дочери

Soon the girl went to higher education, where she developed new friends and interests. However, after the time the tragedy occurred. In the fateful day, when Nastia fell out of the window, Larisa had had no suspicions. A businesswoman does not believe that it was a calculated step to its successor.

Larissa Kopenkina survived the death of the daughter by the son

“The daughter couldn’t part with life, she loved her more than I,” admitted four years.
Зять Ларисы Копенкиной раскрыл подробности гибели ее дочери

The Studio program “actually” appeared Oleg. As it turned out, his wife has a new boyfriend. Moreover, Alekseev went to deal with the opponent.

“I’m talking about the fact that she had another man I don’t know if were together, I saw him once when he came to his apartment,” said the man.

According to a former son-in-law Kopenkina, at the time of his visit to his wife’s lover, Anastasia was in the kitchen the men. “She told me: “get to the truth?” And that’s all,” said the man.

Oleg remembered the details of the tragedy. The day Anastasia came for my things. It seemed to him that his lover might not decide to choose one or the other. According to him, at the same time my father was an alcoholic breakdown. Nastya hit the man over the head with a bottle. When Nastya hit by Oleg ashtray brow, he was forced to bind her. Larissa remembered that at the time of the conflict is asked to call the police so they can be there to pick up my daughter. However, Oleg did not follow her advice.

Some time later, when the conflict subsided, She was on the windowsill. Her husband, entering the room, immediately fell to his knees, begging her not to kill herself, but she slid down.

“She didn’t say anything. When I ran down, she was still alive, tried to say something, but it was too late,” recalled Oleg.

Also the man said that four months before the tragedy Nastya killed a close friend. It was then that it stated that no problems will force her to break up with life. However, Larissa had not believed in the innocence of the former son-in-law to her daughter’s death. However, the lie detector showed that Oleg has nothing to do with the incident.