Son Gufa and ISA Anokhina intervened in the conflict parents

Сын Гуфа и Айзы Анохиной вмешался в конфликт родителей The boy’s mother told about his reaction to family problems. According to ISA Anokhina, seven very angry father. Because of the constant scandals, the heir refuses to give a parent a dad and doesn’t want to see him.
Сын Гуфа и Айзы Анохиной вмешался в конфликт родителей

ISA Anokhin and rapper Guf broke up four years ago, but the disputes did not subside until now. Recently, the musician recorded the track in which unflattering spoke about the new man’s ex-wife. The young woman is also not left behind, creating a composition with criticism of the father of her first child.

In a recent interview ISA frankly told about family problems. According to star’s Instagram, criticism of her husband Dmitry Anokhin and hurt Themselves because the little boy is in a wonderful relationship with her stepfather.

“Sam is aware of the conflict, we did not hide this from him. He’s very upset, offended father. Now he even refuses to call him dad, instead uses the stage name Guf. Of course, I scolded his son, but nothing to do with him,” said Anokhina.
Сын Гуфа и Айзы Анохиной вмешался в конфликт родителей

She says that not giving the boy against his father. Previously, the ISA has never hindered communication Themselves and Guf. In recognition of a young woman, the rapper increasingly difficult to find a common language with her son as his growing up. Now the heir to the stars of the scene are much more than friends with her stepfather.

According to ISA, the ex-husband wasn’t offended by her recorded track. Moreover, he was flattered by the attention from the ex-lover.

“It didn’t bother him. He didn’t care. Rumor has it that he was even glad. Guf in principle, are glad to any attention from others”, – said the young woman.

Diss, written in response to criticism Gufa, forced the ISA to think about a career in show business. The young woman stresses that it intends to continue to write new texts. According to Anokhina, it has long reads better ex-spouse, and therefore can make a name in the hip-hop industry.

Now Anokhina absolutely happy along with the second husband. Dimitri tries to do everything to ISA in no way needed. According to the young woman, her current relationship like a fairy tale. About the past she remembers reluctantly, emphasizing that in her life there is only one man.

“Twice I saved Gufu life, literally closed it with his body from a knife. Once we had dinner in the restaurant, and he was attacked by football fans. I then gave up my life for him. He doesn’t remember anything, is rude to those who have always been good. And then begins to apologize. Inside it all is black and spoils the life of all your women,” – said Anokhin.

In an interview with Youtube channel “Gentle editor,” the young woman admitted that she wants to raise her son so that he was not like his father.