Son Glafira Tarhanova was seriously injured

Сын Глафиры Тархановой получил серьезную травму
The actress expressed gratitude to the emergency doctors.

Photo: @glafiratarhanova Instagram Glafira Tarhanova

Bruises, contusions and abrasions — satellites the lives of young children and especially, boys. Glafira Tarhanova at 34 years old is a mother of four boys. Until recently, Korney, Ermolai, and Proud Nicephorus managed to avoid serious injury, but today one of the children Actresses (the eldest of them only ten years old) got a broken arm.

Glaphyra told me that was scared and upset about what happened, and, most importantly, feel helpless. Son Tarhanova was caused by ambulance and put in a cast. The actress expressed gratitude to the team of doctors arrived on the call.

“The first fracture. The ambulance isn’t in the movie… When it hurts and you can’t help. The pain is loneliness. Gypsum. Thank you to the paramedics for sensitivity! Let all children be healthy! And soon will be just for fun!” — wrote Tarkhanov.

Glaphyra and her husband Alexey Fadeev met many years ago on the set of the painting “Main caliber”. Tarkhanov has received a proposal of marriage only six months after the first date. Then no one could not imagine that their couple will be one of the strongest in the world of Russian cinema. Both always wanted kids. And not the fact that they will stop there, because while they have never born a long-awaited daughter.