Son Friske and Shepelev vengeance quotes the controversial psychologist

Сын Фриске и Шепелева вовсю цитирует скандального психолога The TV host posted on Instagram post, which said that the five-year Plato was involuntarily carried away by the activities and rules of life of Mikhail Labkovsky. The boy is quoted by the specialist. Shepelev also said that the most striking statements of his son, he writes in a special diary.

Dmitry Shepelev told fans online that refers to the works of controversial psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky. To his work leading unwittingly teaches and five year old son of Plato.

It should be noted that this specialist has developed a system of interaction of the individual with the surrounding society. “Six rules Labkovsky: do only what you want, not to do anything you don’t want to do, just to say that don’t like to answer when not asked, only to answer the question, figuring out the relationship, talking only about themselves”, – is reported on the website of the psychologist…

Today Shepelev shared with fans that keeps a diary which describes the significant events associated with it, and Plato. Recently, the boy was surprised by the star’s father a very adult statement.

“Not so long ago I keep a diary. Record daily thoughts, reasoning, much dedicated, of course, the child, my experiences, its achievements and events. By the way, I think both of us will be interested to read these notes many years later. Notes in the spirit of the book “From two to five” I try not to leave. Well, like “I drink milk and coffee and tea, and only tea leaves…”. That’s nice, of course, even more… Touching, but not for me. One topical note remembered. Remember not so long ago, it was, and probably continues, a hobby psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky, a it was discussed, read, sought to lectures, radio and TV shows with his participation is not missed. In General, there was his book and I have. In conversations a few times we in the family and with friends came back to her, even arguing about something. And then, one day, quite unexpectedly, the son, pushing something simple on the subject of brushing teeth, saying: “it is necessary to clean every day, otherwise you will fall”. Finishing his thought with the phrase: “Remember, dad, Labkovsky says so”. Recorded”, – said Dmitry.

We will remind, some days ago son Dmitry Shepelev and Zhanna Friske Plato was five years old. Leading rarely shared with fans pictures of a boy and information about it. However, on the eve of the birthday boy, he admitted that the child is often sick. “My son is soon five. Now every time when planning a journey with him, flying, leisure or entertainment, I keep in mind “well, not a fact”. Probably every parent has been through this: purchased tickets, booked the hotel, procured a ticket for any Disney, LEGO, or any other land, organized machine accompanying, balloons, cake, gifts and even a mattress. One day before departure. Or even better: the night before departure and… temperature. And instead of flight – taxi to the pharmacy, and instead of cotton candy – Panadol. I have experienced this three times already”, – said Dmitry.

Unlike Shepeleva, Natalia Friske, an aunt of the boy, a frequent contributor to Networks touching photos of Plato. She congratulated the Network favorite nephew, and publicized rare footage of the first days of his life.

“My little Prince, I miss you. Happy birthday to you, my baby. Most importantly – be healthy”, – said Natalia.