Сын Дитковските и Чадова уже начал работать
Two years Fedor was pleased with the idea mom.

Agnia Ditkovskite with son Theodore

Photo: @Instagram ditkovskyte Agnes Ditkovskite

Alexei Chadova and Agnes Ditkovskite, it seems, clearly defined range of parental responsibilities. If on vacation abroad with a two year old son of the couple usually dispatched 35-year-old Alex, for the development and training meets Agnes. On the days she’s with Fedor the first joint, and for the boy in the first principle in life is “work.”

Of course, “work” was not yet serious, but in the form of children playing. Although Agnes will be able to enjoy quite real. Fedor’s mom were the main stars of the photo shoot in the Studio. Upon completion Ditkovskite admitted that her son was delighted with the day. “Our first joint “work”! Fedor liked it!” — she wrote. The fact that he reacted to this pastime positively could not fail to please agniyu, because in front of him again and again to pose for photographers.

Incidentally, his dad with the onset of autumn also began work. And quite serious —started shooting a new project, his participation under the name “Operetta”, which is what little is known. After a recent extended stay with her son in Spain, the actor has started his career with renewed vigor. By the way, after a hard day, Chadov always tries to get to see Fedor, though only for a few minutes. However, it is not possible always, as the shooting can last until the morning.

Recall that Agnes and Alex broke up in the spring of 2015. The most interesting that after a breakup, no Ditkovskite, no Chadova has not tied up with anyone yet serious relationship. Fans of the pair still hoped for their miraculous reunion that, once, had already taken place in the history of the novel of Alexei and Agnes.