Сын Синди Кроуфорд встречается с инстаграм моделью

18-year-old son of Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber, Presley Gerber began a relationship with instagram model Charlotte D’alessio.

In the novel the boys no doubt. Presley and Charlotte were spotted in Malibu where they did not hesitate to kiss. But to associate themselves with serious relationship with someone, a young guy is not going, it is well aware that his high status in the son of a supermodel and looks to bite more than one girl. He adheres to an open relationship, allowing him to quietly divorce his official Kaylee king, model Agency IMG Models.

“Presley and Kelly are no longer together. He meets Charlotte, whom he met thanks to my sister Kaye. They have an open relationship, he doesn’t want to be associated in any serious novel. He feels that he’s too young for that, he likes to have fun,” the source told E! News.

But the new fiancee boasts of attention from the public. First learned about it in 2015, when the photographer Brian Eslava published pictures of girls from Coachella festival. The girl posed in photos with his girlfriend — the model is Josie Canseco. The pictures are so people liked that the number of subscribers of the profile of Charlotte has grown rapidly.

“We saw their photos everywhere, including popular accounts on Instagram and Tumblr. I also received comments like — “I found them!”. To be honest, I’m a little crazy not come down from that kind of attention.” said Charlotte about his reaction to the sudden popularity. The number of followers on instagram girls employs 490 million people and this number is constantly growing. Due to a sudden glory, albeit in narrow circles, Charlotte was able to sign a contract with modeling Agency Wilhelmina. Thanks to the relationship with the son of supermodel Cindy Crawford, she will be able to raise their ratings and get more work in the modeling business. But who knows, maybe Charlotte will be able to curb the obstinate heart of man.