Сын Богдан представил Алёне Водонаевой свою девушку
The son of Alena Vodonaevoy Bogdan starred with funny video.

Сын Богдан представил Алёне Водонаевой свою девушку

Colleague kid in this mini was the Queen of women’s humor Catherine Barnabas. Bogdan was the role where he presented Catherine with his mother. The kid had to say that Catherine is his girlfriend.

Сын Богдан представил Алёне Водонаевой свою девушку

However, the boy mixed up the words, saying instead the girl grandfather.

Hence, Alena Vodonaevoy was born the post about what she is the mother-in-law… or, as Alain Vodonaeva jokes, mother-in-law:

“Position about the personal life of my son.
You got me as a joke ( or maybe not ) often ask about how I am a “mother in law”. I don’t know what. I have no idea. I haven’t that kind of like never say never!
My position is to respect the personal space of any person. Whether the right Parking, chtoy not interfere with the other or my family.
I will not enter my son’s room or the bathroom without knocking. It has always been. To his love the same attitude.
I respect your child, respect his personal space and hope in the future won’t be an idiot who climbs into the personal life of his son.
Will want – will tell! I will want to consult! Want – ask! My goal is to find the right words and support!
Bogdan always asks about everything and tells me. Trust me on personal topics. And the issues related to girls / sexual themes / physiology – always ask me.
Although there is still his father, is my husband, which is possible by the right to speak, but all that personal to me!
And I to resolve, explain, slip the special literature.
It is important to engage in sexual education of the child! Grow free person, educated and savvy in all matters human. Including sexual.
But to be a bigot blushing from questions about sex and fainting from the word “pussy” – up foolishness! Recall, for a moment, that virgin still has not been born, so it is strange to build an intelligent and intellectual person, when children want to know about sex. And if it’s your children, sorry, don’t have sex do they come from?
Do not be silent, explain, don’t judge and always knock before entering!
And the girl’s son I will take any! The main thing that was adequate, focusing on health, beauty and development. And eighteen!
#Mamedovaacademy #LOVE #Prolube #Bogdanovskaya @kativarnava @bogdanmalakeev”.

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