Сын Анфисы Чеховой намекнул ей на старость
The TV presenter shared her unexpected statements five-year Solomon.

Anfisa Chekhova

Son Anfisa Chekhova — a five-year Solomon
is at that age when all children, no matter in what country and
conditions they are brought up, you start to think about death and understand that it is not
will live forever. These fears children often share with loving parents, and Solomon
no exception.

“My little philosopher! Every day, new
food for thought. Yesterday: “what if I die and never again to you and dad
not see?” Today: “what if we move out of our apartment and never
will no longer live here?” and “what if I Wake up and you’re not? You don’t so
too long to live there! — shared with fans of the TV presenter in the personal
microblog. — I don’t know that tomorrow he will come?”

By the way, the star revealed how much has changed
Solik for two weeks, while living with his father in Georgia. Apparently, period
change and the start of new fears came during that time, while Chekhov
vacationing in Bali. The changed appearance of a boy and nature. First Anfisa noticed that after the son carried out father time has become more
brutal: refused mother’s hugs and kisses. “Solik has grown so much over these
weeks! This was the guy, the business and with a rough hug,” wrote
Anfisa. And then, quite unexpectedly his mother began
syndrome “crybabies”. Anfisa whiny my son’s behavior has led to the confusion. It
describe the situation and tried to find out from their friends the details of the education
children: maybe, they say, it is this age?

began the phase of “crying”. Crying for any reason… Today, for example,
cried that he didn’t want to be big, and wants to remain forever young”. Interestingly, these statements, according to psychologists, also characterize the inevitable stage
growing up, when children begin to fear death.