Son and daughter Valerie forbidden to tell her about their personal life

Сын и дочь Валерии запрещают ей рассказывать об их личной жизни The actress said that the eldest son and a daughter jealous when she talks a lot about their activities in interviews. Anna and Artem do not advertise relationships with friends and lovers. Only the youngest Arseniy allows the mother to tell you a bit about myself.

Valeria is a mother of three children. The eldest daughter of the actress Anna successfully engaged in music, performing on stage, the middle son Artemy was educated in Switzerland and studied in three Russian universities. The young man had already found a job abroad in a successful record company. Even the younger son Arseny left the parental home and lives separately. The actress admitted that the older children don’t like it when she talks about their personal life.

“The theme of Anya forbid me to speak on these topics. Say about Arseniy he refers to my interview. He has a girlfriend, they are already two years together, living under one roof. Anya is beautiful and very smart girl, graduated with honors from the Plekhanov Institute. I was waiting for my jealousy will appear. But no, not jealous! Maybe because I know for sure: children I have a special place that no one would encroach” – shared the singer.

Valeria admitted that it does not spoil children. The artist is not bought sons and daughters of the expensive and branded clothes, because of this, brine shrimp even had a hard time to study abroad. Guys from other countries teased and laughed at the boys, calling her famous mother “globekey”.

“I was Wondering about it, I learned later, answered: “why would you show off and brag not our own, but the parental merit?” The school, by the way, respect for the independence”, – said the singer.

According to Valerie, her family wealth is not compromised in the first place. Today the children of the singer star thank you mom for a happy childhood. The artist believes that sons and daughter have to do to earn a living. “I once said that, once separated, will find their second halves, all, don’t count on us. My husband and I both have six kids, multiply by two. Well, let’s take a fun, with a song of life twelve! Why?! Guys, we’re still young and want to enjoy and the ensuing freedom from parental commitments and achievements,” said the artist.

Valery also said in an interview with “Telenedelya” that are not yet ready to devote themselves to grandchildren. She is a popular actress, and she’s busy tour schedule.

“Suddenly interrupt what I am doing for all my life, and to sit with her grandson? Well, no… My children, I say. About this: “If you can contain children, forward! Birth! I’d be happy,” said the singer.