Son Alsu learns to manipulate the mother

Сын Алсу учится манипулировать матерью The singer told reporters about the education of children. Alsu considers herself a strict parent, but little Rafael while much is permitted. In recognition of the famous singer, her baby already has a little attitude and can even control adults.

Singer Alsu – a loving wife and a mother. In August last year the singer gave birth to adorable son Rafael, who was the third child of the star and her husband Ian Abramov. The celebrity recently gave a Frank interview to journalists, telling about people and the upbringing of the heirs. In recognition of Alsu, she is strict and demanding when it comes to the education of the younger generation. However, little Rafael while much is permitted. The singer also noted that the boy, being the Lion by mark Zodica, growing quite willful.

“Nature Yes, drawn. It would seem that they are so small that they do understand? But I can already see how he is. Rafael have lion. He knows what he needs, and, most importantly, knows how to do it. It is well understood how to manipulate the mother how to manipulate adults. And as yet no question of upbringing is not that much he allowed,” shared the star.

At the same time, Alsu thinks that boys need to toughen up a little. According to singer, the main thing is discipline, and children should be polite and well-bred. Star tries to be a good example for successors. In addition, she spends a lot of time in conversations with the younger generation.

“I explain to them how important it is to be generous, sharing with others, they have not grown selfish. I’m not talking about the simple things – “thank you-please”, “Hello-goodbye. This is brought up not for one day, of course,” – said the artist.

In addition, the singer teaches the children to work. Daughter Mila do music and languages, as well as time in school. Of course, sometimes the performer has to force girls to do something, but the star believes that without difficulty not catch fish from the pond.

During the conversation with journalists Alsu told about how it has changed over the years. The celebrity admitted that she has one drawback, for which she is ashamed. According to the singer, she suffers from incontinence. “Probably from my dad – he’s a very passionate man, but quickly departs. And I can also explode, and a minute later all, I calmed down and forgot. Because when you analyze the situation, you come to the conclusion that it was possible and not to lead to explosion”, – said Alsu with OK! magazine.