Сын Алсу может стать певцом-шахматистом

Only son of the popular Russian singer Alsu Rafael just a few weeks old, but he’s already predicting good fortune, not far from the scene. Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva asked magic that awaits the baby, named after his great-grandfather.

“The baby was born the day the velvet voice, so it’s possible that he will continue the work of her mother and becoming a popular performer. Boys born that day, strong-willed character. To pacify the difficult nature of the son, Alsu need a lot of time. When Rafael gets older, he will be very painful to take criticism and all attempts to argue with him. Mom and dad should teach him gentleness and tact, his character does not complicate his life.
Rafael is sure to be a rich man, because they will grow up industrious and diligent. Of course, the inheritance from parents to help him, but without their money he would have achieved a lot.
It will be artistic and successful people around him will always be many brides. I also suggest Alsou and her husband to deal with Rafael chess. He has an analytical mind, and he can reach in this sport,” said numerologist.

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