Сын Алексея Самсонова обрел «новых» родителей The star of “House-2” baptized the baby. Alexey Samsonov and his wife Julia celebrate an important event in the life of their child. Apparently, spiritual mentors small of Myron became Darya and Sergey Pynzar.
Сын Алексея Самсонова обрел «новых» родителей

Today it became known that the stars “House-2” Alexey Samsonov and his wife, Julia baptized son. Apparently, the young parents are busy holiday, and so have not had time to share with the fans of such a happy event. But their close friends Darya and Sergey Pynzar hastened to tell about the christening. A young woman published in Instagram a photo taken in the temple, where he passed the sacrament.

“Congratulations guys on christening of son! Happiness and health Myron,” wrote Darya in the microblog.

For feast of friends Pynzar chose the green dress with voluminous sleeves, his head covered with a handkerchief. Julia Samson wearing blue outfit to the knee. Daria hurried to disable comments for publication, but because the fans could not leave congratulations. Apparently, the couple have chosen as godparents of a little Myron family Pynzar. In an interview with “StarHit” Alexei Samsonov said that they are friends, but because this pair he saw as the spiritual mentors of Myron.

Alex admitted that after his son’s birth his life has changed dramatically. He understands that now became more serious as he has to take responsibility for the baby. Julia told me that she was a lot of worries, because she always spends time with Myron, which requires close attention. However, a former participant of a reality-show around helps wife. Alexey Samsonov: “the Wife and I were walking at night out of pity”

“Being a father is a serious responsibility. Usually, one of us is free, and coddling. Twice a day walk with a child. Was recently in the country. There is a good gated community, less cars, near the reservoir. There was expanse for walking with a stroller”, said the man “StarHit”.

Despite the fact that many young mothers after childbirth does not stop with the children, Julia, tries to be less likely to show the child. She planned to protect him from public attention for up to three months, but now does not spoil fans pictures.