Son Alexei Chadova and Agnes Ditkovskite made the first adult haircut

Сыну Алексея Чадова и Агнии Дитковските сделали первую взрослую стрижку
Now Fedya hair, “as the Pope”.

Alexey Chadov with his son Fedor

Son of Agnes Ditkovskite and Alexei Chadova Fedor did
the first adult haircut. This year Fyodor is officially out of
infant-age: 5 Jun boy turned three. Haircut son
the actor chose himself. He, like many other boys of this age imitate
dad — no wonder the new hair Fedya exactly like my dad.

In the Barber shop child took Alex and made sure
everything was done as it should. In the world of film Chadov is one of the most
caring fathers, every free minute he devotes to development and education
son. Now this is especially important, because Fyodor is now not the only child at
Agnes Ditkovskite.

Recall that in mid-April, the 28-year-old actress gave birth to her second
child. Surprisingly, the actress managed to hide not only her pregnancy
the duration, she was carrying the baby, but what again became a mother.
However, agniyu to understand that while she doesn’t want to advertise their new
the relationship, for this reason, the name of her lover — secret behind seven seals.
Just like the floor and the name of her second child.

Information about
Ditkovskite another baby, there was only a few days before birth. Curious
the mother of actress Tatiana lutaeva gave the media quite a mean comment that her daughter is not pregnant. And it
was the truth! Because at that time, Agnes gave birth and not
was in the “interesting position”. It turns out that lutaeva quite honestly no one was misled.