«Что-то не так»: лицо Бориса Корчевникова приобрело болезненный внешний вид
Fans worried for the health of the presenter.

Boris Korchevnikov

Photo: @b.Boris korchevnikov Instagram Korchevnikov

New selfie of Boris Korchevnikov seriously scared fans. Fans worried about the appearance of the presenter. 35-year-old Boris looks in the photo is so painful that many, looking at the advised Korchevnikov to refer to specialists for medical care.

Others suspect that the broadcaster hides from others, in fact, seriously ill. Rumors about this have been circulating for a long time, but now the discussion is disturbing assumptions broke out with renewed vigor. “Why is he so bad looking?”, “Are the rumors true? They do not want to believe it”, “worse and worse, are beside him there is none who cares?”, “Poor guy, really bad to him”, “It’s not lack of sleep. With him something is wrong” — write to Boris.

In the summer of last year, Boris said in an interview that his health condition does not cause fears in physicians. A few years ago he had discovered a benign brain tumor. After the operation, the TV presenter recommended to have examinations twice a year, but korchevnikov said that does not fulfill this requirement. “Have not already passed. There is no such serious need. Dynamics and feeling good. I have worked and all the glory to God. My health is not perfect after the operation you know, but there are stories much worse, and there is nothing in my body that I would unable to work”, — said Boris six months ago. Fans worried that the situation had since changed.