Someone in that much: how much they lowered Volochkova and Apina to prepare children for school

Кто во что горазд: сколько спустили Волочкова и Апина на подготовку детей к школе Many parents had to spend a considerable sum of money to raise children by the first of September. Some moms and dads fully dressed heirs to all new, and others have chosen not to spend money on attire of students.
Кто во что горазд: сколько спустили Волочкова и Апина на подготовку детей к школе

Babkin collected grandson to school on 40 thousand, and daughter Apina – 400 rubles. “StarHit” considered how much stars cost line of the heirs of the 1st of September.

September: celebrities walked the children on a school ruler

All by herself

Daughter Anastasia Volochkova sovetuetes with her about shape

The heiress ballerina this year will go to the sixth grade. “Ariadne likes to prepare for school, – says Anastasia with “StarHit”. – Asks to buy her a few bags, said, I love variety and can’t live the whole year with one. This time we purchased three pack. Even Arisha, just like any girl, loves bright pencil cases and of course, a lot of color pens, which can be nice to emphasize written. School uniform my daughter is not the first year of the selects in the same store of stylish clothes. Three sets cost about 15 000 roubles. For new shoes this year gave 7000 rubles. Often I or my mother brought Arina a gift with a holiday or touring shoes – my daughter loves them.”

Кто во что горазд: сколько спустили Волочкова и Апина на подготовку детей к школе

Backpacks – 9000 rubles for three pieces

Notebooks, pencil case, pen – 800 rubles

Form – 15 000 rubles

Shoes – 7000 rubles


Alena Apina has saved the daughter

Кто во что горазд: сколько спустили Волочкова и Апина на подготовку детей к школе

“Fees child in school, I almost didn’t cost anything!” – proudly said the singer, 15-year-old daughter which was a 10 grade school in Odintsovo. “New backpack I had never bought her – She went with the same, – tells Alyona. – It is expensive, the brand, was acquired abroad a couple of years ago, a daughter in love with him, everywhere hanging out with him. Of things she, too, is full: is that what she previously took. Textbooks Ksenia give school.

So, I bought a couple of pens and notebooks. Anyway, is it most important? Knowledge is more important. At school the daughter focuses on the chemistry and biology, because childhood dreams of becoming a doctor. However, I have not yet decided how. I insist to the therapist and she dreams about a career of a plastic surgeon. In General, while I think… I Hope Ksenia will quickly join in the learning process, because while in the mood to sit at the Desk she does not have: 1 September she went to school with a face like she’s going to have to work like a slave in the galleys”.

Backpack – 0 rubles

Notebooks, pencil case, pen – 400 rubles

Form – 0 rubles

Shoes – 0 rubles

Quite large

Yegor Druzhinin not to put the son in the children’s Department

Кто во что горазд: сколько спустили Волочкова и Апина на подготовку детей к школе

In the family of the choreographer of two students – 9-year-old Plato and 14-year-old Tikhon. “In my opinion, to put the child on the line and not go broke really, says Veronica, wife of Yegor. Especially if you have the opportunity to buy clothes in children’s departments, as in the case of our Plato. But Tikhon, things are different: he’s tall, have to shop in adult stores, and this, of course, more expensive. Shapes in our school no, but students must adhere to the so-called strict office style. Costume for my oldest son this year cost us 10 000 rubles: 5000 we paid for the jacket, 3000 – 2000 pants and over shirt. Loafers new never bought. Tikhon even just those that we took in the spring. For sport uniform purchased at cheap online store, it is 4000 rubles. Backpacks and Plato, and Tikhon found during a recent trip to America – gave 6,000 rubles each. In Superbrands clothes I don’t really need. Incidentally, we as a large family, each year the state pays 5,000 roubles for each student. Start up money for uniforms”.

Backpacks – 12 000 rubles

Form – 10 000 rubles

Sportpharma – 4000 rubles

Shoes – 0 rubles

Grandma next

Nadezhda Babkina gave her grandson an expensive pencil case

The singer and her family took responsibility for the debut day of school 7-year-old George. “Grandson went to the first grade, waiting for the line – says Nadezhda Georgievna. – Asked to buy for the teacher, gladioli – he likes these flowers. Form the school of individual tailoring, in business style, but with a touch of fashion trends. It cost us 15 000. The shoes gave 7000. Pencil case, pens and other accessories were selected with the grandson in the “Children’s world”. But with jetpack, there was a funny story.

Given the right selection George: he found the Internet black with red stitching. Son and daughter-in-law began to look – in Moscow such is not present. Explained to the guy saying, sorry, I’ll have to choose another one. He grew despondent. And imagine the surprise when George with his parents went to the store for a trifle, and then saw the backpack of your dreams! Pressed it to herself, joy just didn’t cry… Here it is – the power of desire”.

Backpack – 13 000 rubles

Notebooks, pencil case, pens – 5000 rubles

Form – 15 000 rubles

Shoes – 7000 rubles