Чужой кошелек: на счетах Армена Джигарханяна остались 6904 рубля According to the lawyers of the actor, his fortune was stolen by his ex-wife. The lawyers provided the documents confirming these words. We also found out that a friend Vitalina Elina Mazur has resigned.
Чужой кошелек: на счетах Армена Джигарханяна остались 6904 рубля

The scandal surrounding the Armen Dzhigarkhanyan literally does not subside even for a minute. New details of the conflict of the actor and his ex-wife emerge every day. In the program “New Russian sensations” on NTV lawyer actor and Director Evgeny Parfenov has demonstrated a complete statement of accounts of people’s artist. As it turned out, the star almost no business!

“As you can see, the money was taken regularly, often every day. Sometimes I removed three thousand, sometimes 200 thousand. I spoke with Armen Borisovich, and he confirmed that he had not given permission to manipulate it. It happened without his knowledge,” said Parfenov.
Чужой кошелек: на счетах Армена Джигарханяна остались 6904 рубля

Now Dzhigarkhanyan refuses to communicate with journalists. A man has to settle down in a new place, because his whole property, according to lawyers, is now owned by Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya.

Earlier it was reported that representatives Armen Borisovich filed three lawsuits against Vitalina. In the program “New Russian sensations” showed the documents confirming the start of official proceedings.

Чужой кошелек: на счетах Армена Джигарханяна остались 6904 рубля

The Trustee Vitalina Elina Mazur, in turn, tries to refrain from commenting about the legal side of the issue. As it turned out, a faithful companion Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya no longer represents its interests.

“I resigned these powers after court suits were filed. The fact that I can’t help Vitalina, she has lawyers. Now this lawyer is listed Larisa Shirokova. It completely deals with Vitalina. However, when I called Larisa Anatolievna, she said she knows nothing about the current situation and only begins to understand the available information,” said Mazur.

Despite the addition of formal authority, Elina is not going to give up the friendship with Vitalino. She stressed that they remain friends and see each other almost every day. According to Mazur, the scandal was soon to end, and their unconditional victory.

Lawyer Dzhigarkhanyan Evgeny Parfenov holds a completely different position. He intends to fight for the financial well-being of Armen Borisovich. In the plans of the lawyer included the return of the actor is not only his funds but also real estate.

Fans of people’s artist extremely concerned about the situation. They believe that problems in his personal life and the trials can affect the health of the Dzhigarkhanyan. That is why his fans are eagerly awaiting the completion of the whole of this scandalous story.