“Some bones”: fans are scared by the change in appearance of Hope Sysoeva

«Одни кости»: фанаты напуганы переменами во внешности Надежды Сысоевой
Star Comedy Woman responded to the criticism.

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A post shared by Nadia Sysoev (@inadenka) on Feb 15, 2018 at 4:33pm PST

Users of social networks becoming more and more like doting grandparents for candid photos condemned and for excessive thinness criticize, and even how tucked away in the homes of the stars are watching… On the days in the capital chose the most stylish celebrity on the GQ magazine. Nadezhda Sysoeva and her fiance Ilya Bachurin could not miss this Grand annual event.

Nadezhda Sysoeva

Photo: @Instagram inadenka Hope Sysoeva

Appearance star Comedy Woman at the ceremony, sparked heated debate. To their spectacular release of the Hope prepared for almost a whole day. In the process, the stylist appeared the so-called “image of a bitch”, noting the extreme thinness of Hope. First serious illness she attributed to only a couple of people, but then comments about the problems increased.

“Bad photo, what’s with the face?”, “The horror, became ugly”, “Scary. This is too much! At least a little to gain weight…”, “I don’t even know… do Not go! Anorexia”, “prisoner of the concentration camp. The thinness…” — outraged fans Hope. They are begging the actress to return in the same “weight category”. However, Sysoeva on the experiences of the fans laughing. The day before she had to soothe his old photos, which looks somewhat larger than it is now.