Соловьев раскрыл правду о попытках увести жену у Гордона The presenter commented on the statements of his ex-wife colleagues. According to Kathy Gordon, Solovyov is her personal claim. However, Vladimir R. refutes such allegations and expresses doubts about the adequacy of the blonde.
Соловьев раскрыл правду о попытках увести жену у Гордона

Some time ago Catherine Gordon decided to refuse participation in presidential election. The lawyer said that creates its own Constitutional-democratic party. On hearing this, Vladimir Solovyov laughed at the lawyer in social networks. Gordon explained the action of the presenter’s personal resentment. According to Catherine, she once refused to the journalist as a woman.

However, Solovyov himself denies such claims. According to the man, he never tried to Woo or Gordon to take the blonde of her husband, as she claimed in a recent interview. Moreover, Vladimir R. has doubts about the adequacy of the blonde.

“The girl fibbed. Where and how someone has managed to. I feel sorry for the girl. Quite crazy. It’s ridiculous, an absolute fairytale. I’m with her never remained eye to eye. Must have seen Gordon twice in my life. And that in company with her husband Sasha, with whom we were working,” said presenter during the meeting with journalists.

Conversing with correspondents, Solov’ev repeated his joke from Twitter, caught in the press. “Gordon withdrew from the presidential race. Apparently, so was unable to decide under what name to participate: Gordon, Podlipchuk or Prokofiev…” – shared lead at the end of January.

However, Catherine Gordon is a different version of past events. Not long ago, the woman said that Soloviev had attempted to discourage her from her husband Alexander Gordon. According to the lawyer, this happened on the event of popular radio stations.

“He and Solovyov then each other, to put it mildly, disliked. And nightingales in another verbal brawl with Sasha said he will discourage his wife. And then told me how good I am. I was flattered,” says Catherine.

According to Gordon, Solovyov was “a certain sexual stereotype.” The woman added that is not taken seriously the statements made by the presenter. “He, by the way, the wife with the Baltic roots, many children. Well, forgive him,” said the blonde “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

We will remind that Ekaterina Prokofyeva (Podlipchuk) was married with the famous leading Alexander Gordon for six years. The couple divorced in 2006. Gordon is now happily married to the granddaughter of the film Director Valery akhadova Nazanin Abdullayeva first. In January of last year, Alexander Garrievich became a father for the fourth time – his wife gave birth to a son Fyodor.