Soloists of group “Bi-2” has suffered from the hands of criminals

Солисты группы "Би-2" пострадали от рук злоумышленников
From time to time there appear on the Internet personal information and intimate photos of the stars.

Солисты группы "Би-2" пострадали от рук злоумышленников

Now from actions of malefactors suffered by the members of the famous group “Bi-2” Shura and Lyova.

Were shooting a new movie group and this time they stole the phone used to work.

“The guys did the video in the Spanish city of Almeria, – told reporters the representative of the group Maria vyugina. – During the filming of Shura and Leva conducted a live broadcast with fans in the official community team in “Vkontakte”. And this time, they have practically from under his nose took the phone. The thief tried to catch up. Followed him to the car, even broke the glass, but the offender still left. And the stream eventually ended.”

Note that stolen phone there was material for a forthcoming album.

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